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The Problem

Tired of trying to fit all your handguns into the small space in your gun safe?

Wish you had a more efficient way to store your handguns?

Tired of fussing with typical gun racks and handgun cases and wondering if there's a better way to store and transport your handguns? 

Wish you could store more handguns in your gun safe?

The solution is finally here!

Made in the USA!

Hold Ur Fire® storage and transport system

Hold Ur Fire® storage and transport system

Hold Ur Fire® Storage & Transport System¹

U.S. Patent No. 9,803,957

Introducing the new way to store and transport* your firearms.

The Hold Ur Fire® storage system is designed to hold your handguns on flat panels which are held on a docking station. The whole unit can fit on a shelf in your gun safe and fits most medium to large gun safe shelves, storage cabinets, tabletops, countertops, etc. (see dimensions below).

The storage panels have a grab and go feature that allows the easy transportation of many handguns very quickly.*


The Hold Ur Fire® storage system can fit onto the shelf in your gun safe and store up to 10 handguns in 1 cubic foot of space!

The footprint of the Hold Ur Fire® system is small so all you need is shelf space measuring at least 11" wide x 12" deep x 10.5" high.

It fits most semi-automatics and revolvers.

You can also hang each transport panel on the wall of your gun safe or gun safe door!**

Don't forget you can also use the optional Magazine Storage cuffs to store your magazines as well!

The amount of handguns you can store is only limited by the size of your gun safe. For example, the gun safe displayed below has enough space to have two docking stations side by side which can store up to 20 handguns on 1 shelf!

The way you store your handguns and magazines is totally up to you. You can have many options to store and organize your handguns and magazines.

For example, you can store all your .45 magazines on one panel, your 9mm's on another, etc.

Another example is to store your Smith & Wesson's on one panel, your Glock's on another, etc.

The options are up to you!


Grab and go feature!

Grab and go feature!

Easy to transport! Hang the transport panels on your inner gun safe door wall**

Easy to transport! Hang the transport panels on your inner gun safe door wall**


Transport of your handguns is very easy with the Hold Ur Fire® system.*

You don't need to place each handgun into a case.

You don't need to struggle with trying to find a handgun in the back of your safe or moving around your traditional gun racks to get to a specific handgun.

All you have to do is quickly grab a transport panel, place it into your bag, and off you go to the range!

When you're finished, you can very quickly slide each transport panel back onto the docking station to store your handguns.

No more fussing with multiple soft or hard cases or traditional gun racks!



*Please follow all applicable local, state, & federal firearm transport laws.

**Make sure your gun safe door has enough clearance to hold items on surface of inner door and still be able to close properly.

¹NOTE: The Hold Ur Fire® system is intended to be used with unloaded firearms. Please DO NOT store loaded handguns on this system! Storing loaded handguns can result in injury, serious bodily harm and/or death.

U.S. Patent No. 9,803,957

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